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Música para os teus ouvidos, Playlist, Playlist Fevereiro 2022, Spotify -

This playlist doesn't have much science. It's a dog at 4 in the morning when the abundance is so much that we can drop some potatoes with ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise on the floor and we'll arrive at the end still enfartadinhos. In this case it will be full of Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles Of Death Metal that we didn't choose anything else to cut. We hope you like it..

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Música para os teus ouvidos, Playlist Fevereiro 2022, Spotify -

We hope to bring a little newness to your day with this playlist and maybe something refreshing to your ears. Get the 1st February Playlist from your La La Land Store, with names like Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar, Justice, Gaspard Augé, The Alchimist, Abstract Orchestra, among others.… We hope it is to your liking and that you enjoy it.

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